Demetrios (Jim) Angelis, author of The Ottawa Way_ Guilty by Gender in Canada's Capital, true crime book

Jim Angelis

Demetrios “Jim” Angelis was born in 1969 and is the oldest son of immigrant parents who came to Montreal, Québec in the mid-1960s for a better life for themselves and their two unborn sons. Like his parents, Jim attended college and university in Montreal and Ottawa upon his family’s return from New York City in 1985 after their self-imposed exile to escape the political turmoil during Québec’s “Quiet Revolution” in the mid 1970s.

In 1992, Jim got married to his organic chemistry lab partner. Jim graduated from Montreal’s Dawson College in 1994 with two diplomas in health science and in nursing. In 1995, he got accepted at the University of Ottawa in the Bachelor of Science program. In 1997, he stayed and continued his studies at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University to obtain his master’s degree in Health Administration and his master’s degree in Public Administration, respectively. In 2000, Jim became a father to his beloved daughter.

He graduated from university in 2001, where he immediately started his career in the federal public service at Health Canada as a policy researcher and advisor. In 2004, Jim became a father again to his beloved son. Jim is fluent in English, French, Greek, and Spanish, and is continuously seeking to learn others including Russian. His autobiography The Ottawa Way: Guilty by Gender in Canada’s Capital is his first solo publication, but he has co-written others. 

He is still patiently waiting to be reunited with his adult children, whom he has not seen since the tragic day of June 8, 2008 when they were taken away by government-appointed social workers. They were adopted by strangers despite being fully exonerated of all criminal wrongdoing. He divides his time calling Ontario (Canada), New York State (USA) and Southern Greece “home”.

The Ottawa Way Guilty by Gender in Canada's Capital by Demetrios (Jim) Angelis, true crime book